First Dance’s Fantastic Finale

In discussing wedding day details for Kenena and Jas’ May 31, 2014 wedding, they mentioned there would be a surprise during their first dance. They had been practicing a choreographed routine, but the only detail they would tell me about the surprise was that it would occur about two and a half minutes into the dance. Hoping to at least be in the best possible position for the surprise, I said, “At least tell me where I should be standing!”, and they said in front of their sweetheart table. Come the wedding day, as Kenena and Jas are looking like pros on Dancing With The Stars, the bridal party are all standing along the outer edges of the dance floor. I take my position and as we’re getting close to the critical moment, I have the camera to my eye and I’m ready for anything. The music comes to a climax and, suddenly, all the bridal party members rush in celebration onto the dance floor as Jas gives Kenena one final spin. In 400 weddings, I’ve never seen that before and they scored a perfect 10. Bravo, guys!!!

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