Sand Sculptures In Revere

I finally made it to the International Sand Sculpting Festival in Revere a couple weeks ago. Just six miles north of Boston, the event started in 2004 and nearly every year it was noted on my calendar as a must do photo project. I went several days after the primary weekend of the event and we had some rain showers the two days prior to my getting there. As you’ll see, however, most of the works help up beautifully!


Enjoying Its Time Of Glory

After finishing an engagement shoot in the Public Garden, I enjoyed a couple more of those ‘great to be in the city’ moments. Here’s part one. (Part two is below.)

I had taken a few images with my clients in the park at a small maple tree with autumn leaves as red as you’ll ever find.  After the shoot, I returned to the tree …enjoying the appreciation people had of its beauty.  Everyone had a different means of expression and that’s what I wanted to capture. I chatted with many after taking a few shots of them….giving some my card and offering to send them pictures. They were from all over the world….China, India, England, Canada, Mexico and Colombia.

Most of the year, this maple tree is dwarfed by its neighbors in the park. Most are much taller or more exotic. Some were brought in from other parts of the world. But, for about two weeks in October, this little tree is the gem of the park and in all its glory.


Right Place, Right Time

This story is part two of my adventures on Saturday after finishing an engagement shoot in Boston’s Public Garden. I was on the Public Garden bridge walking back to my car. As is typical for a beautiful weekend afternoon, the bridge was inundated with people. Somehow, amidst the crowd, I spotted a guy showing a woman a small box which held a ring. I stopped in my tracks and took a second to try to determine exactly what was happening. Was this part of another engagement shoot? I quickly glanced over each shoulder and, seeing no photographer nearby, I grabbed my camera from around my neck and, without saying a word, I just started shooting. I was about five feet away. After about 30 seconds, a few other people joined them. It turned out it was a real proposal and,  unbeknownst to the new bride-to-be, their parents were observing from a short distance away.  I was happy to be able to provide them with pictures a couple days later. Congratulations Rachel and Travis!


Hats Off To You, Ladies!

Today might have been the 142nd running of the country’s greatest horse race, but the Kentucky Derby women and their stylish hats had nothing on this group of women I came across, last weekend. I arrived at Boston’s Taj hotel to shoot an event when I spotted them finishing up their ‘nice tea’ and asked if I could photograph them. This group of self-described ‘divas’ has met monthly since 1997 partaking in a variety of activities. Some, like this event, have particular themes. I don’t think I have to tell you what that theme was!


A Proposal In Boston

I’ve shot nearly 500 weddings, but last week I photographed my first wedding proposal. Dave and Alexandra are from Toronto and were going to be in Boston for Marathon weekend…..a trip she presented him to celebrate his 30th birthday. However, Alexandra didn’t know that Dave had plans to make the weekend much more meaningful. The day before heading to Boston, Dave contacted me to inquire about me photographing the proposal. Never having met and without the ability to rendezvous beforehand, we exchanged pictures of each other, indicated clothing we’d be wearing and even had a James Bond-like signal to, upon first sight, confirm who we were. The plan was to make the proposal in front of the Boston Public Library after they attended a Red Sox-Blue Jays game at Fenway. I waited patiently in the general area trying to blend in with people who were walking by.  When I saw a familiar face about 50 feet away, I flashed the designated signal. When he replied in kind, I knew I had my man. Having two cameras with flashes around my neck, I lingered a safe distance away so as not to raise any suspicions on Alexandra’s part. When I saw Dave drop to his knee, I rushed up the library steps to capture what would unfold. It was a complete success (Alexandra did say ‘Yes!’) The love gods must have been looking down on us because two minutes after the proposal a library security guard opened the door to let an employee leave. We informed the guard what had just occurred then asked him if we could come inside to take a few pictures, though the building had been closed hours earlier. To our surprise, he said yes and we had the library’s gorgeous interior to ourselves for about ten minutes. I walk past the library frequently and will always remember those moments when I do so in the future. Dave and Alexandra plan a 2018 wedding. Congratulations!!


The Power Of Photographs

Recently, I received a very moving email from Courtney….one of my brides from several years ago. In reading it, I was reminded how these pictures I take can have such a strong impact on peoples’ lives. Here are Courtney’s words.

“Hi Jim…..I can’t believe it’s been more than three years since Andrew and I got married.  A lot has happened since then. While I was incredibly fortunate to have three of my grandparents in attendance at our wedding, in the last two years, two of them have passed away. Most recently, we lost my Nana who was the heart and soul of my family. In preparing for services, we started going through pictures so we could make some nice collages to display during visiting hours at the wake. I, of course, started looking through wedding photos. There are so many photos you captured that I am eternally grateful for….moments I forgot happened until I saw the pictures, again.”

“Nana was suffering from Alzheimer’s. It was incredibly important to me for her to be at my wedding. She helped raise me. Recently, she would always ask me when I was getting married. When I told her I was married, she would ask why she wasn’t invited. It broke my heart….not just that she didn’t remember the wedding, but that she would think she wasn’t invited.  I made her a wedding album so she could look through it every time she forgot. I printed and framed an 8×10 of this photo and left it on her night stand at her nursing home.”

“The other photo is also a great memory. After seeing that photo, I knew exactly what was happening there. I walked out of the elevator in my wedding dress and Nana said to me “Why are your wearing a white dress?!” My cousin, Rachel, is laughing hysterically in the background. Thanks, again, for doing a phenomenal job, that day, and for creating memories that last a lifetime!……..Sincerely, Courtney”

Experiences like this is why I love what I do.


Bridesmaids To The Rescue

Every wedding day needs a small crisis so that, after the wedding, you can look back and laugh at it. My bride, Janna, had instructed her dad to remain downstairs until he was called up to see her in her gown. When he suddenly appeared in the forbidden zone, Janna’s bridesmaids rallied into action and successfully obstructed the hanging gown from Dad’s sight.

A Stroll On The Bridge

Beth and Rich were married less than an hour and they wanted to take a quick stroll across the Public Garden bridge in Boston. I loved the idea because on a nice spring day the bridge has flocks of people and I love seeing my couples bathing in the congratulatory spirit of the public.  We were there for all of ten minutes, but were rewarded with many wonderful images. A street musician played ‘Here Comes The Bride’ on his unique musical instrument. Tourists got a group shot with their selfie stick. The bride even received a gift from a balloon artist. Thank you Boston!