Enjoying Its Time Of Glory

After finishing an engagement shoot in the Public Garden, I enjoyed a couple more of those ‘great to be in the city’ moments. Here’s part one. (Part two is below.)

I had taken a few images with my clients in the park at a small maple tree with autumn leaves as red as you’ll ever find.  After the shoot, I returned to the tree …enjoying the appreciation people had of its beauty.  Everyone had a different means of expression and that’s what I wanted to capture. I chatted with many after taking a few shots of them….giving some my card and offering to send them pictures. They were from all over the world….China, India, England, Canada, Mexico and Colombia.

Most of the year, this maple tree is dwarfed by its neighbors in the park. Most are much taller or more exotic. Some were brought in from other parts of the world. But, for about two weeks in October, this little tree is the gem of the park and in all its glory.


Right Place, Right Time

This story is part two of my adventures on Saturday after finishing an engagement shoot in Boston’s Public Garden. I was on the Public Garden bridge walking back to my car. As is typical for a beautiful weekend afternoon, the bridge was inundated with people. Somehow, amidst the crowd, I spotted a guy showing a woman a small box which held a ring. I stopped in my tracks and took a second to try to determine exactly what was happening. Was this part of another engagement shoot? I quickly glanced over each shoulder and, seeing no photographer nearby, I grabbed my camera from around my neck and, without saying a word, I just started shooting. I was about five feet away. After about 30 seconds, a few other people joined them. It turned out it was a real proposal and,  unbeknownst to the new bride-to-be, their parents were observing from a short distance away.  I was happy to be able to provide them with pictures a couple days later. Congratulations Rachel and Travis!


Hats Off To You, Ladies!

Today might have been the 142nd running of the country’s greatest horse race, but the Kentucky Derby women and their stylish hats had nothing on this group of women I came across, last weekend. I arrived at Boston’s Taj hotel to shoot an event when I spotted them finishing up their ‘nice tea’ and asked if I could photograph them. This group of self-described ‘divas’ has met monthly since 1997 partaking in a variety of activities. Some, like this event, have particular themes. I don’t think I have to tell you what that theme was!


A Stroll On The Bridge

Beth and Rich were married less than an hour and they wanted to take a quick stroll across the Public Garden bridge in Boston. I loved the idea because on a nice spring day the bridge has flocks of people and I love seeing my couples bathing in the congratulatory spirit of the public.  We were there for all of ten minutes, but were rewarded with many wonderful images. A street musician played ‘Here Comes The Bride’ on his unique musical instrument. Tourists got a group shot with their selfie stick. The bride even received a gift from a balloon artist. Thank you Boston!

Boston’s First Night 2015

In the late 70’s, several women from Boston were looking for an alternative to the traditional way of bringing in the new year. They conceived the idea of having a family-friendly celebration of the arts around the city. This is how Boston’s First Night tradition started and, today, it is one of the city’s premier events and imitated by hundreds of other cities across the country. It’s a full day of indoor and outdoor concerts, ice sculptures, a grand parade and fireworks, both at midnight and an evening display for children. I spent much of the day and evening around Boston Common and Copley Square taking in the sights, enjoying the people….and trying to keep warm. Happy 2015!!

Playing Tour Guide

I had a fantastic time on an engagement shoot, last week. It was quite different. Beth and Rich had just booked me days earlier for their April 2015 wedding and were eager to do their engagement shoot. I learned that they had just moved to Boston from Philadelphia this summer. I enjoy playing Boston tour guide almost as much as I enjoy taking pictures, so I suggested we combine the two activities. They mentioned they wanted to see old Boston….the architecture, cobblestones, wrought iron, arches, history, etc. We spent most of our time around Beacon Hill….the oldest part of the city. It was exactly what they were looking to see.

A Stroll Through Boston’s Public Garden

Even a quick stroll through Boston’s Public Garden can provide some nice images. Recently, I finished with another shoot and walked through the park to get to my car. Along the way, I captured images of little ones dazzled by the creation of balloon sculptures, adults mesmerized by floral designs and children entertained by statues. The Make Way For Ducklings statues were erected in 1987 as a tribute to the widely popular and highly acclaimed children’s book by that name written by Robert McClosky in 1941. It’s the story of two ducks, Mr. and Mrs. Mallard, who fly over Boston looking for a place to raise a family. They, eventually, settle on the island in the middle of the lagoon at the Public Garden. On Ducklings Parade Day, children and their parents dress as ducklings and march to the garden along part of the route depicted in the story. On certain holidays, or when the local professional sports teams are in the playoffs, the ducklings are dressed in appropriate attire. It’s said that the statues never need to be professionally polished because children so often sit on Mrs. Mallard, Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Oack, Pack and, of course, Quack!

Beacon Hill Art Walk 2014

Last Sunday, I enjoyed the Beacon Hill Art Walk, once again. An annual event, it occurs on the first Sunday of June. There are about twenty locations where artists of various media display their work. Besides the beautiful art, what I really love is how the work is displayed amidst the brick, wrought iron and unique details of Beacon Hill. Many of the display sites are private gardens of the local residents which, normally, one wouldn’t have access to or even be able to view.

Mooch Visits Boston

After enjoying the Beacon Hill Art Walk on Sunday, I walked through the Public Garden. As usual, there was plenty of activity around the Make Way For Ducklings statues. Here’s an image of Mooch getting into the fun. Mooch was visiting Boston with longtime fellow traveler, Cristina from Philadephia. Cristina elaborated on some of Mooch’s travel adventures saying, “In 2002, he was in Bulgaria and walking down the street when some Bulgarians stopped and propositioned me for him. They really wanted him and were willing to pay, but that was not going to happen. In 2009, he was in Los Angeles on the set of the TV show CHUCK and got to take some great pictures with the cast members. Just last month, Mooch was in Peru and, as usual in his foreign travels, he transcended language barriers and brought smiles and laughs to some of the local Peruvians who spoke predominantly Quechua. Mooch truly has a gift for winning over the hearts of adults, as well as children!” Many happy travels to you and Cristina, Mooch!