Little Ones At Christmas

We all know that Christmas is a time for children. After quite a few years of having no little ones in the immediate family, we really enjoyed giving center stage, this year, to a pair of blue-eyed two year olds. Alice (in her Santa dress) and Autumn (with her beautiful curls) are the daughters of my niece Janelle and nephew Jeremy and their spouses. Throw in a new puppy (Sophie) and you’ve got non-stop photo ops all afternoon. Happy Holidays!!

Two Fisher Family Wedding Days

My maternal grandmother, Marie Bourassa Fisher, at age 21 on her wedding day August 13, 1928. She’s accompanied by her Uncle Albert, who gave her away. She would become the matriarch of a family of 14 children, 69 grandchildren and, to date, over 100 great-grandchildren. Found only in 2013, this image is the only one the family has of her wedding day.

The Fisher family on the day of a double wedding for my aunts Jackie and Babe. My mother, Janie, was the first of the children to wed two years earlier. This was one way to save money, given you have 9 daughters!

My Father c.1929

I just started scanning some old family photographs. This is my dad….probably 3 years old and in Revere, Massachusetts. Photographs are such treasures. I think of how people might, someday, look at the wedding images I take, as I look at this image, and it inspires me.