Bridesmaids To The Rescue

Every wedding day needs a small crisis so that, after the wedding, you can look back and laugh at it. My bride, Janna, had instructed her dad to remain downstairs until he was called up to see her in her gown. When he suddenly appeared in the forbidden zone, Janna’s bridesmaids rallied into action and successfully obstructed the hanging gown from Dad’s sight.

Welcomed Grandparents

It’s easy to recognize the special appreciation my brides and grooms have when they’ve got grandparents present at their wedding. It’s not unusual for there to be no grandparents in attendance. Just after she had finished getting ready, Lindsay was so excited during the ‘first look’ for one set of grandparents. You can really see the pride in their eyes.


A Very Special Guest

Here’s a second post from Laura and Adil’s recent wedding. It’s highly likely that an attendee at their event is the oldest guest of any of the approximately 450 weddings I’ve photographed. Laura’s Great Aunt Marion is 103 years old. Though threatening weather kept her indoors during the ceremony, she enjoyed a prime location from which to view Laura and Adil’s nuptials.

Expressing Herself

Sara is one of those people who puts her feelings right out there for all to see. As a photographer, you love to see that happen….it provides such a wide array of emotions to the images. I’ll always remember the happiness she felt when the ceremony ended and she and Drew were husband and wife. All the elements had aligned for me….a lovely setting, gorgeous light and a bride who was about to explode with sheer joy.

A Stroll On The Bridge

Beth and Rich were married less than an hour and they wanted to take a quick stroll across the Public Garden bridge in Boston. I loved the idea because on a nice spring day the bridge has flocks of people and I love seeing my couples bathing in the congratulatory spirit of the public.  We were there for all of ten minutes, but were rewarded with many wonderful images. A street musician played ‘Here Comes The Bride’ on his unique musical instrument. Tourists got a group shot with their selfie stick. The bride even received a gift from a balloon artist. Thank you Boston!

Celebrating Pi Day

Did you celebrate Pi Day, last week? If not, it’ll be another hundred years before you’ll get the next opportunity. For those who aren’t math enthusiasts or if, like myself, your high school days are a distant memory, pi is the mathematical constant (the ratio of a circle’s circumference to it’s diameter) represented as 3.1415926, etc. to infinity. To some people, pi represents a unique place in their hearts. You can count my wedding clients Julia and Jacob in that category. They’re one of numerous couples around the world who chose to get married on Pi Day…..March 14, 2015 (3.14.15). They took it one step further and at precisely 9:26, they fed each other a delicious mouthful of…yes, I’ll say it…. Pi pie. I love the liberty they took at the bottom of the symbol to reflect the first letters of their names. Congratulations!

Playing Tour Guide

I had a fantastic time on an engagement shoot, last week. It was quite different. Beth and Rich had just booked me days earlier for their April 2015 wedding and were eager to do their engagement shoot. I learned that they had just moved to Boston from Philadelphia this summer. I enjoy playing Boston tour guide almost as much as I enjoy taking pictures, so I suggested we combine the two activities. They mentioned they wanted to see old Boston….the architecture, cobblestones, wrought iron, arches, history, etc. We spent most of our time around Beacon Hill….the oldest part of the city. It was exactly what they were looking to see.